Division 1
Run It Up10
White N' Nerdy7

Bad Influence16
Steaming Pile of 5hit1

Kim's Misfits10
3 Dart Out7

Division 2
Eat Em Up2
Show Us your Tips15

Limp Tips7
Damn Bulls10

Throw the Fucking Darts6
Four Dart Out11

Old Fart Dawgs14
Who Darted?3

Division 4
Left It on the Porch7
Game of Throws6

One Dart Wonders11
Point Whores2

Dart and Hammered10
Frankie's Late3

2014 Season B

Mid-Season TournamentEnd-Season Tournament
Saturday, August 09, 2014 6:00 PMSaturday, October 11, 2014 5:00 PM
Doc's Sports BarKim's Pub
11950 Perry Rd11407 Spring Cypress Rd
(281) 477-6500(281) 251-7340

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Latest News and Announcements

Week 12 stats
September 16, 2014
Stats are posted - Sorry for the delay! Let us know if there are any corrections. Good Luck and Shoot well in Week 13. This is the last week for subs. NO SUBS week 14 or 15 without prior approval from opposing team and officers. Also no checks for week 14 and 15.